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Many customers, small businesses and even individuals are looking for quality, professional and reliable international delivery services to help them ship their packages by air and land. Are you looking for a delivery service?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Charter Express 

anticipates building a world of transportation, where each team member works passionately to deliver a sense of satisfaction to every client or customer. We frame “ transportation service” as one of the most critical parameters required for the growth of any business. Thus, we always make sure to deliver the essential supplies to your company on schedule.

The Great Advantages in World Shipping Services

Our promising carrier services will securely & swiftly send finished goods to the intended customers of your company. Charter Express upholds the highest quality standards for all the delivery service it provides. Now, our on time & on target service have become a benchmark for almost every competitor or other delivery companies.

Who we are

Charter Express is a logistics company that specializes in airfreight services. We have served hundreds of distinct companies related to different industries, for more than a decade.

International shipping from the country to country

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