Customized Air Cargo Freight

If you have been looking for a trustworthy courier service, Charter Express offers what you need. Expand all your options and the delivery timetables with outstanding air freight services that you can rely on. We care a lot about your experience with us, which is why working with us isn't just about putting your package on an airship.

Say bye to all the stress of multiple contacts during your shipment as we assign a representative to each client. Your representative would take care of everything from the beginning to the ultimate destination while removing any confusion that might come up. In short, with Charter Express, you get to enjoy exceptional courier services that offer terrific results as your shipment travels with us to your desired destination.

Filled with expert individuals in air cargo shipping, the Charter Express team aims at learning all about your business needs to provide high-grade output. With an objective to deliver trust and satisfaction, our team works towards building a strong business relationship that would endure even after the shipment reaches the destination.

Smartly Handling Air Cargo Challenges

Along with our contact system and proactive communication, Charter Express exerts to offer high-quality and reliable delivery services. Your shipment size and speed requirements are coordinated with the appropriate aircraft to reduce any additional expenses and waste while offering you a sound experience.  

Charter Express understands the importance of accuracy in making a shipment decision, which is why our quotes are highly comprehensive. Moreover, you can choose services based on how soon or late you want your shipment to reach a destination. So, if you need a shipment to reach a destination within a short period of time due to a deadline, you can opt for our fast shipment solution.

Say bye to the hassle of calling around and getting multiple quotes by choosing from our widest range of air cargo options to fit your preference and comfort of a shipment. Our team is here to listen to everything you need and assist you in arranging the best courier service suitable for you, even if we have to team up to make things happen.

Courier Service That You Can Rely On


If you are ready to opt for our delivery service with our airship, contact us today to speak to one of our professional team members. Share all your needs and let us worry about creating the right quote for you with the commitment to offer quality service. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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