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Air Cargo in Hawaii is one of the challenging tasks that require special attention since it is the only US state that is located in Oceania, outside North America. As Hawaii is composed entirely of islands, most of the transportation companies fail to get the shipment job done in time. But, Charter Express is more than just a name. Our airship facility is as promising as our passion for transporting cargo by air in Hawaii. 



it comes to the timing constraints, we're always ready to fly on your schedule & deliver like greased lightning.

From anymainland destination, we would take around 24 hours to Oahu, and just two days to make the delivery to any other Hawaiian island. Charter Express is a courier service that focuses on deadline-sensitive heavy freight, which is an absolute requirement of most of our clients. You can rely upon our proactive air freight service in Hawaii even for your commercial shipments. 


Charter Express is one of the best air freight services provider in Hawaii. We are committed to serving the Hawaiian islands as passionately as our services in mainland shipping. Experience of several years has not only helped us get an edge on the air cargo market, but we have also gained the trust of our customers. Through a nationwide network of aircraft, we offer dedicated flights in the lower 48. Moreover, we facilitated a single point of contact along with an airship that fits to all the speed and size requirements of intended air freight shipments.

We expertise to reach the deadlines perfectly as we understand the value of your time and business. Therefore, you can choose Charter Express if you don't want to risk your time-sensitive product getting delivered beyond the mentioned deadline. Specifically, in the B2B sphere, consumer-level shipping methods usually do not offer assurance, but Charter Express has become another name for the security. 



If you need a fast and secure air freight services for Hawaii, there can not be any other substitute for  Charter Express. Contact Us Now!

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